It's possible that Saturday's showdown between Matt Barkley and Andrew Luck will feature better quarterback play than a host of Sunday's NFL games (we're looking at you, Kevin Kolb and Joe Flacco). But are we looking at two quarterbacks destined for stardom at the next level?

Destined to star on Sunday?

Are Luck and Barkley destined to follow in the footsteps of highly touted success stories like John Elway? Or is one of them another Matt Leinart?


Who goes after Luck?

Barring one of the bigger reversals of fortune in draft history, it appears Luck will be the first player off the board. But which QB goes next? Is Baylor's Robert Griffin III No. 2?


What uniform will Barkley choose?

Barkley could follow Luck's lead and return for another college season, and he's said the prospect of finally being eligible for a bowl game might tempt him.


How do you define pressure?

Luck is dealing with a lot of attention these days, but does trying to keep one of college football's signature programs afloat in troubled times bring more pressure?


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