We all have put ourselves in risky situations at one time or another, usually unwittingly. On Tuesday, E:60 (7 p.m. ET, ESPN) will introduce you to a collection of athletes whose endeavors define risk. Men and women who put their bodies in situations that defy logic on a routine basis. They don't do it for the money or the fame, but rather a desire to see how far they can go and to experience the journey. While we wouldn't suggest trying extreme kayaking (at least not on a first date) or free diving (not that kind of free), we're curious to know which of the following activities you would least want to attempt? Cast your vote and watch E:60 for a special report that goes in-depth on these feats as well as checking in with such risk-takers as motocross legend Travis Pastrana, snowboarding ace Travis Rice and Yves Rossy whom you just have to see to believe.

Are you risky, SportsNation?

You may not take headers off cliffs, but do you take risks in other areas?


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