On the off chance that Albert Pujols does end up leaving St. Louis, Cardinals fans can take solace in the fact that they got one more World Series out of the guy before his untimely exit. That would be cold comfort to a team that would be losing one of the game's greatest players, but hey, it's something. The Cardinals seem to be making a pretty big push for Pujols, although he recently met with the Marlins to talk contract details. Any deal that would realistically get Pujols to sign on the dotted line would have to be a) long and b) expensive, so whichever franchise wins the Pujols sweepstakes will be on the hook if he experiences a drastic decline.

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Long-term deals?

Any realistic contract for Albert Pujols will likely take him into his forties. If anyone can still be a productive player close to retirement, it's Pujols, but it's always a risk to rely on older players.


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