The sale of just about any franchise is usually a hugely impactful event, but in the case of the Astros, it might have an effect far beyond Houston. MLB has reportedly required prospective owner Jim Crane to move the team to the AL West as part of his purchase deal. The move would even the number of teams in each league at 15 apiece, which would necessitate daily interleague play. Fans have generally reacted positively to occasional interleague matchups, but would the concept work as the rule rather than the exception?

Change of scenery?

The Astros haven't been able to make much of a dent in the NL Central over the past few years. Might a change of scenery do them good?


Best fit?

The Cardinals and Brewers obviously are staying put, as they made the playoffs last season, but would the AL West benefit more from the Cubs or Pirates rather than the Astros?


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