Lost among the constant debates over whether Tim Tebow is a good quarterback or just how much Rex Ryan's bluster motivates his team is the fact that the Broncos and Jets are caught up in tight division races. Denver is 4-5 but has the benefit of playing in the AFC West. New York (5-4) is battling for position with the Pats and Bills in the AFC East. A win tonight would go a long way toward establishing one of these teams' playoff bona fides.

Best rivalry in recent history?

It won't be easy for either team to make the playoffs, but both could make interesting spoilers if they do sneak into the postseason.


Revis island?

Tim Tebow completed only two passes in last week's win against the Chiefs. Will he tempt fate by tossing any Darrelle Revis' way?


Tebow or Sanchez?

Both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez have their flaws -- Sanchez has a habit of tossing interceptions, while Tebow hasn't proved himself as a regular quarterback yet.


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