The BCS system is something of a punching bag for fans and players alike -- those who like it seem to do so only grudgingly. The latest proposal from the BCS brass seeks to massively overhaul several important aspects of theprocess. The most interesting proposal in the mix deals with the non-championship BCS bowls, as they'd no longer be under the official BCS umbrella. This could have huge ramifications if it goes through, but would you prefer a revamped system over the current way of doing things?

Fixed location?

The new plan would also allow for an open bidding system for the location of the BCS championship each year.


Binary choice?

Automatic qualifying could also go by the wayside under the new system, meaning teams would theoretically start the year with a blank slate in terms of making big-time bowls.


Playoff future?

Could fans be filling out a BCS championship bracket in addition to an NCAA tournament one sometime in the near future?


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