Baseball made it look so easy. Can you even name the MLB players' union's executive director? Recall any players taking shots at Bud Selig on Twitter? The word "ultimatum" in a headline? With little to no acrimony, baseball owners and players agreed to a new labor deal that includes expanded playoffs and blood tests for HGH. How do you feel about a new day dawning on the diamond? Vote and comment below!

A baseball sea change?

Baseball is getting serious about its crackdown on performance-enhancing drugs, but is it a big deal?


When to give?

Spring training and offseason blood testing for HGH has been agreed to, but in-season testing is still on the negotiating table.


Chew on this ...

The new labor agreement calls for increased education about the dangers of tobacco but doesn't ban it from games.


More the merrier?

In the NBA and NHL, more than half the teams make the playoffs. Baseball isn't there yet, but is 10 of 30 a good move?


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