Tiger Woods hasn't been a factor in professional golf for several years now, but his win at the Chevron might change things dramatically. Sure, it was just an 18-man event in golf's silly season, but a win is a win. We're sure Tiger is pretty thrilled with the whole thing. Now he just needs to get back to winning majors, and we'll be all set.

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Where does Tiger rank right now?

Woods has moved up to 21st in the world rankings, which is somewhere between his absolute worst and his definite best.


Did you watch the Chevron?

The Chevron World Challenge isn't a major event by any means, but fans may have been encouraged to tune in when they saw Tiger was about to win.


Are you rooting for Tiger?

Tiger hasn't proven himself to be an entirely sympathetic figure in the past few years, but many fans miss the old Woods.


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