It wasn't pretty, and it was painful for their quarterback, but the Steelers got the win they needed against the Browns. Ben Roethlisberger returned from a high ankle sprain to make sure his team had enough points to win, but will James Harrison be leaving the lineup? Harrison delivered a helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland QB Colt McCoy, and it's not exactly his first brush with the NFL law. Should Roger Goodell suspend Harrison?

Time to sit down James Harrison?

You can see the video of Harrison's hit here and listen to NFL Network's Deion Sanders make a case that Harrison wasn't at fault.


Your take on Harrison's value?

Harrison plays with passion and is a key cog in the Steelers' defense. But does his intensity run a little too hot for comfort?


What about the other quarterback?

Colt McCoy wasn't the only quarterback worse for wear after Thursday's game. Ben Roethlisberger returned after a high ankle sprain.


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