Chris Paul's first trip to Los Angeles might have been canceled, but it looks like he'll be headed there after all with just a simple change of address for his destination arena. The Clippers and Hornets are closing in on a deal that would send Paul to Los Angeles with no third team involved -- just a straight-up trade of a superstar in his prime for some rebuilding parts. The haul the Hornets would receive seems fair, but would they have gotten a better deal from the Lakers?

Which would have been a fairer trade?

The Lakers would have given the Hornets Lamar Odom & Co., but the league intervened. Is this deal better?


Will the trade go through?

One Chris Paul trade has already fallen through. The potential inclusion of Eric Bledsoe could be a snag in this trade.


Better L.A. combo?

There's been talk of bringing Dwight Howard to the Lakers, but would a Howard-Bryant combo beat a Griffin-Paul duo?


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