Did Chiefs win or did Packers lose?

A run at perfection came to an end for the Packers in a 19-14 loss against the Chiefs, but which team was more responsible for the outcome?


Is this how it's done against Packers?

The Chiefs rushed 39 times and kept the ball for 36 minutes on offense, and their defense sacked Aaron Rodgers four times.


How much history went by the wayside?

The Packers are still heavy favorites for home-field advantage this season, but does the end of a 19-game winning streak, including a Super Bowl, end talk of history?


Is Rodgers the most valuable passer?

SN's pick for MVP entering the weekend, Rodgers compiled a modest 80.7 passer rating. Meanwhile, Drew Brees is still on pace to break the single-season yardage record.


The best job interview of all time?

On the other side of the field, Romeo Crennel is 1-0 in his second stint as an NFL head coach. But given the opponent, is that enough to earn him more than an interim job?


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