Will sitting out cost Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers watched as Packers No. 2 QB Matt Flynn threw for 480 yards and six TDs against the Lions in Week 17. Does resting for the playoffs hurt his case for MVP?


Was it wise to rest Rodgers?

The eternal debate of rest vs. rust rages on. The Packers already had a bye week coming, so was making Rodgers inactive the right move?


Whom do you want moving forward?

We'll get to your MVP vote in a minute, but that's a measure of past performance. If you're looking to the future, as in the playoffs, whom do you want?


Is Matt Flynn worthy of MVP money?

Flynn hits free agency at the right time. Kevin Kolb and Ryan Fitzpatrick got around $60 million with roughly $20 million guaranteed in recent deals. Is Flynn worth something similar?


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