Is Chris Petersen at Boise for life?

Fresh off a big bowl win against Arizona State, Chris Petersen is reportedly getting a raise and a reworked five-year deal. Will Petersen ever leave the land of the blue turf?


Did a better job come calling?

Petersen's name seems to be mentioned for every vacancy, but did he make a mistake rejecting overtures from UCLA and Penn State this winter?


Can you put a price on national fame?

Petersen's new deal will pay him at least $2 million in each of the next five seasons, topping out at $2.8 million in the fifth year.


Ready for life without Kellen Moore?

One thing Petersen won't have during his new deal is Kellen Moore. The record-setting quarterback departs, but is Boise State better positioned than some schools to deal with losing a "franchise" QB?


Chris Petersen or Brad Stevens?

Perhaps a move to the Big East will make it easier for Boise State to play for a title, but while Butler basketball is 8-7 this season, Brad Stevens has already done that twice.


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