Who are the Atlanta Falcons?

Some experts picked the Falcons as a Super Bowl contender this season, but a 24-2 loss against the Giants means Mike Smith and Matt Ryan are now 0-3 in the playoffs.


What's the verdict on Matt Ryan?

Ryan finished the regular season with the NFL's eighth-best passer rating, the third time in his four pro seasons he's been in the top 11.


Is Mike Smith too aggressive?

Mike Smith didn't let a fourth-down failure against the Saints earlier this season stop him from going twice in Sunday's game, once in easy field goal range with his team down 10-2.


Falcons, Panthers or Buccaneers?

The Saints are ahead of the Falcons at the moment, so we'll set them aside in the NFC South. But does Cam Newton give the Panthers the edge on the Falcons moving forward?


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