Calvin Johnson is going to be paid an awful lot of money to catch passes from Matthew Stafford. The elite receiver with the awesome nickname signed a seven-year, $132 million extension with the Detroit Lions on Wednesday, with $60 million guaranteed. Johnson has established his bona fides as one of the best receivers in the game, but are the Lions spending their way to a Super Bowl, or just a lot of near-misses?

Too much money?

Johnson's contract is the most expensive ever given to a wide receiver, and while he'd be the one to get that much money if anyone would, is it a good investment?


Best of the best?

Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are probably Calvin Johnson's two biggest rivals. Is Calvin at the top of the wide receiver heap?


NFC North champs?

The Lions have been on the verge of exiting rebuilding mode and truly competing, but before they dream of Super Bowl trophies, they'll have to get through the tough NFC North first.


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