Gregg Williams was indefinitely suspended for his role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal, and new audio has emerged from a pregame speech Williams gave before a playoff game against the 49ers that doesn't exactly do wonders for his defense. Williams is receiving criticism for his statements that the Saints should have specifically targeted injuries on opposing players, including concussions and ACL injuries. Are his statements so unusual that he deserves condemnation by fans and the league alike?

Williams' future?

Williams is currently on indefinite suspension, and the release of this tape might keep him out of the sport for a long time.


Acceptable targets?

Williams instructed his players to go after Kendall Hunter's head. Hunter had suffered concussions in the past.


Standard practice?

Gregg Williams isn't the first NFL coach to tell his players to try to deliberately hurt opponents, but was his speech more the exception than the rule?


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