A bit of good news and a bit of bad news for the Knicks. The good news: Carmelo Anthony hit the tying and winning 3s as part of a 43-point performance against the Bulls. The bad news: Jeremy Lin is not sure he'll be back in time for the first round -- that is, if the Knicks make the playoffs at all. They're in a good position right now, but as we've seen with this team in the past, it doesn't take much to send it into a tailspin.

Playoff bound?

The Knicks are holding on to one of the last two spots in the playoffs, and with the 76ers in free fall, their chances of making the postseason seem pretty good...



... but whether or not they'll do anything once they're there is anyone's guess. Jeremy Lin's absence could be keenly felt if Carmelo Anthony goes cold ...


Anthony's rank?

... but his performance against the Bulls was yet another reminder that Carmelo can score with the best of them when he's on.


Lin or Anthony?

Lin and Anthony seemed to have difficulty meshing when they first started playing together, but it takes time for two players to develop a rapport.


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