Bobby Valentine has never been one to censor his thoughts, as Kevin Youkilis and the Red Sox have just found out. Valentine apologized to Youkilis for appearing to question his commitment and emotional state. Valentine said he was trying to refer only to Youkilis' swing, and that the way he worded his answer added to the confusion surrounding it. What likely matters most right now to a number of Sox fans? The Red Sox are 4-6 and in last place in the AL East early.

The right fit?

Bobby Valentine's managerial style is somewhat different from Terry Francona's.


A cunning plan?

Valentine may have been trying to defend or motivate Youkilis, albeit in a roundabout way.


Youkilis' future?

Youkilis was a frighteningly productive hitter in 2010, but injuries in 2011 robbed him of much of his effectiveness.


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