We're still a while away from seeing how Tim Tebow fits into the Jets' offense, but we may have just gotten a preview from one of the team's offensive linemen. Left guard Matt Slauson said it would be like the offense was ''two different teams'' -- one when Tebow is playing, and quite another when primary quarterback Mark Sanchez is behind center. It's not the first time a team has gone with a specialist quarterback to run a different offense, but if one system starts working a lot better than the other, it could have ramifications for both Sanchez's and Tebow's futures with the team.

Split the difference?

Mark Sanchez will be the team's primary quarterback, with Tim Tebow likely being used in Wildcat packages, or even as a fullback.


Sanchez or Tebow?

It remains to be seen which of the Jets' two young quarterbacks will prevail in what is likely to be a high-profile QB battle.


Can Holmes coexist?

As an aside, the Jets as a whole had issues with Santonio Holmes, but both sides seem to be on the same page as workouts start.


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