In a move that surprised absolutely no one, all five of Kentucky's starters have declared for the NBA draft. John Calipari split the announcement into two parts, primarily to scare other teams into thinking that at least two of the five champions would return, but it was just a ruse; Calipari will have to hit the recruiting trail hard to make up his losses. All of the starters seemed pretty thrilled with their decisions (and who wouldn't? Winning a championship is a pretty good way to go out before entering the draft), but is Calipari's system a good thing?

Good or bad?

John Calipari's system of taking on players who don't plan on staying very long has worked out well for Kentucky, and his players don't seem to have much of a complaint either.


Davis' future?

Anthony Davis is the big prize in this year's draft, but will his game translate to the NBA?


Best of the rest?

Davis wasn't the only important factor in Kentucky's championship run. It's highly possible that every Kentucky starter could find a significant role in the NBA.


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