Lost among the chaos that resulted from Metta World Peace's violent elbow of James Harden was the fact Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are neck-and-neck for the scoring title -- they're within four hundredths of a point of one another with only three games left between the two of them. To put it lightly, this is pretty important to (at the very least) Kobe, and we can't imagine that he'll go at anything less than 100 percent in his last game against the Kings. That being said, Durant may be more concerned about Harden's availability, as he's day-to-day with a concussion from World Peace's strike.

Who ends up on top?

The difference between Bryant and Durant's scoring averages this season is so slim that it could come down to a thousandth of a point.


Who will win the NBA's scoring title this season?


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Last shot?

Bryant has been the go-to gunner at the end of games for a number of years, but the younger Durant could take that crown from him this year.


Who would you rather have taking the final shot in a game at this point in their careers?


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Championship threats?

The Lakers beat the Thunder in their latest matchup, but it's anyone's guess as to how a theoretical playoff series would play out.


Which team would win on a neutral court in a seven-game playoff series?


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