Amare Stoudemire isn't the first star to injure himself in these playoffs, but his injury may have been the most avoidable. Reacting poorly after a Game 2 loss to the Heat, Stoudemire punched a glass case containing a fire extinguisher, lacerating his hand and possibly knocking him out for the rest of the playoffs. Stoudemire said on Twitter that he wasn't proud of his actions, but do you attribute it more to his desire to win than selfishness?

Amare's motivation?

Some experts are calling Stoudemire's actions selfish, but he may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


What do you make of Amare Stoudemire injuring himself by punching a fire extinguisher case after a loss to the Heat?


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Knicks' chances?

The Knicks haven't been able to solve the Heat's offerings so far, and losing Stoudemire will make it that much more difficult.


Can the Knicks beat the Heat in an individual game without Amare Stoudemire?


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Carmelo to step up?

This could be a chance for Carmelo Anthony to prove that he can carry a team on his back -- no Stoudemire or Jeremy Lin could mean that Anthony has a chance to light up the scoreboard.


When is Carmelo Anthony a more productive player?


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