Terrell Suggs was one of the NFL's finest defensive players last season, but an Achilles tendon tear will likely keep him on the sidelines this season. Suggs' injury was originally rumored to have happened during a pickup basketball game, but sources say he tore it during a standard conditioning drill required by the Ravens. Suggs is a big loss to Baltimore, but can it weather his absence?

Ravens prognosis?

The Ravens have other stars, but Suggs was an absolute beast in 2011, a terror to every facet of an opposing team's offense.


Suggs or Rose?

Suggs may not be as important to the Ravens as, say, Derrick Rose is to the Bulls, but at least Rose got Chicago to the playoffs before his injury.


Offseason activities?

It's never fun when an athlete gets injured, but it always seems egregious when the injury occurs off the field, even in a football-related activity like with what happened to Suggs.


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