After months of anticipation, the NFL draft has come and gone. And while we won't be able to truly evaluate the impact of each team's draft for a few years, that did not stop us from trying. We had our NFL draft experts sharing their thoughts all week long. For all of our other chats from this week, check out our chat archive page.

Danny (Houston)

By the Cowboys selecting Morris Claiborne, this provides them another defensive cornerstone for years to come - not only this year! Your thoughts?

Gary Horton, NFL Scouts Inc.
Gary Horton

I thought it was one of the best moves on Day 1. The back end of this defense has really struggled in the last couple of years. Keep in mind that they brought in Brandon Carr in free agency. Now, they have two corners that can play man to man schemes on an island. That allows Rob Ryan the freedom to blitz whenever he wants. He doesn't have to protect his CBs like he did a year ago. The trickle down with this defense will be very dramatic. Full transcript

Matthew (Toronto)

What role do you see the Patriots' draft picks having in Year 1?

Mel Kiper, NFL draft expert
Mel Kiper

I like what they did. I thought they did a very good job. The only reason I gave them a B- instead of an A was the reach for Wilson in the second round. They could have had Reyes, Worthy, Broyles, Casey Hayward, Trumaine Johnson. That was my issue that there were better DBs on the board. But Jones and Hightower will have an immediate impact. Even Jeremy Ebert, a poor man's Wes Welker, could have an impact. Full transcript

Jake (Carlsbad, CA)

You said the Chargers may regret passing on DeCastro. Wouldn't they have regretted passing on Ingram even more?

Matt Williamson, NFL Scouts Inc.
Matt Williamson

Not saying they made the wrong choice. Very high on Ingram here too. But I bet that was a super difficult decision. They did already have Philips, Barnes, Johnson and English-could be worse off than those four. Full transcript

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