The Redskins plan on starting Robert Griffin III from day one of the 2012 season, which is a pretty defensible position considering he's probably their best quarterback right this minute. Still, it's worth wondering what this will mean for his development. Other successful quarterbacks have had time to build up their confidence and learn the system before being thrown into the mix; Griffin will have to perform from the get-go. Is this the right decision?

Griffin's outlook?

Griffin seems to have it all together, but Redskins quarterbacks haven't exactly had a great deal of success in recent years.


Redskins' outlook?

The Redskins aren't looking to make waves just yet, but Griffin's presence could improve their 5-11 record from 2011.


Preferred method?

Some quarterbacks have a kind of apprentice period before taking the reigns -- Tom Brady being the most notable (but unplanned) example.


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