The Knicks' soap opera of a season ended Wednesday night with a seemingly inevitable loss to the Heat, which means it's time for the annual edition of "What do the Knicks do now?" Amare Stoudemire is on record as saying that Steve Nash would be a great fit on the team, which would leave no room for the somewhat-phenom that is Jeremy Lin. Amare himself is under scrutiny, as he and Carmelo Anthony haven't quite clicked yet. The team also has questions to answer at coach -- Mike Woodson seemed a good fit for New York, but the Knicks considered reaching out to former coach Phil Jackson. It doesn't look to be a boring offseason at Madison Square Garden.

Trade Amare?

Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have had a hard time getting on the same page, which might signal the need for a trade in New York.


Nash or Lin?

That said, if they do end up keeping Amare, the Knicks must decide whether to pursue Steve Nash or keep Jeremy Lin. Someone has to dish it to Stoudemire, after all.


Woodson's potential?

Mike Woodson did an admirable job taking over for Mike D'Antoni after his departure, but is he a long-term solution?


Is Jackson done?

The Knicks were reportedly interested in Phil Jackson, but never reached out to him because they weren't certain he would take the job.


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