The NBA playoffs are getting serious, as we jump into the conference semifinals round. So many matchups to analyze and so many storylines to talk about. To help everyone get a handle on everything, we had some of our NBA experts stop by to break it all down. For all of our other chats from this week, check out our chat archive page.

Dave (LA)

No matter who wins the championship this season, will these playoffs be remembered mostly for the injuries that changed the course of several teams postseasons?

John Hollinger, NBA Insider
John Hollinger

I doubt it. Five of the top six teams are basically totally healthy, unless you want to throw in Eric Maynor's knee injury in the first month of the season. The Rose injury was obviously a factor, but how many people had Chicago actually winning it all? Now if LeBron or Parker get hurt, we have a different discussion. Full transcript

Bryan (Los Angeles)

Do you see the Celtics as being a legit threat to the Heat if they meet in the ECF?

Tom Haberstroh, ESPN NBA blogger
Tom Haberstroh

For sure. Rondo's elbow injury changed everything last season. In my opinion, it would be much closer than last season's series, just judging on Rondo's health alone. That is, if Ray Allen can get his legs back. I'd still pick the Heat, but C's wouldn't go out quietly. Full transcript

Mike (Ladera Ranch)

Do you think that Bynum's continued entitled and immature attitude will make Lakers management look at moving him this summer? I know he's only 24 but he will be looking for a max extension and I would be a little leery.

Andy Kamenetzky, "Land O' Lakers" blogger
Andrew Kamenetzky

Mike: The decision to extend Bynum isn't as easy as it should be. He's extremely talented, and capable of being an impact player like few others in the league. But as you said, his attitude and engagement can be problematic at times. Plus, there's the injury risk, although Drew's been fairly durable this season. He's gonna cost a lot of money and years to lock up, and while the Lakers probably can't do any better through free agency, it's still a dicey proposition. Age might give him a pass to a certain degree, but at the same time, he's been in the league 7 years. He's been in a professional environment long enough to know what being professional means. It's up to him to decide how important that is. Full transcript

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