Nothing seems to go according to script for the Heat in the playoffs. If you believe LeBron James' prediction in their infamous introductory press conference, they should be well on their way to their second title by now. Instead, they're teetering on the brink of falling in a deep hole in their series against the Pacers. It's gotten so bad that the normally unflappable Dwyane Wade is scoring in the single digits and arguing with his coach. Whatever's wrong with Wade and the Heat, they'll have to turn it around quickly.

Will Wade turn it around?

Dwyane Wade's performance in Game 3 was eminently forgettable -- a mere five points and five turnovers in 37 minutes.


Wade vs. Spoelstra?

Dwyane Wade and coach Erik Spoelstra had to be separated after a heated argument.


Pacers' standout?

The Pacers have been splitting scoring duties almost evenly among their five starters, and it's been working out well so far.


A trade in the future?

There's been talk of splitting up the Big Three if the Heat don't win this season, possibly with the intention of acquiring Dwight Howard.


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