This is getting a bit absurd. The Thunder put up 111 points, with Kevin Durant dropping 31, James Harden scoring 30, and the team as a whole shooting 42 percent from the field. OKC still lost pretty badly. For the Spurs, now winners of 20 straight games, this year's playoffs have been a series of clinical dismantlings of teams that just aren't up to their level -- exactly as Gregg Popovich drew it up in the playbook. Are the rest of this season's games just a preude to Popovich, Tim Duncan and the rest hoisting yet another trophy over their heads?

Juggernaut status?

The Spurs have played some good teams in these playoffs and have made them all look rather silly.


Duncan or Ginobili?

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are at ages where NBA players should be slowing down come postseason time, but they're both looking 10 years younger this year.


Finals winners?

The Spurs haven't won anything yet despite their extremely dominant play -- the Thunder are no joke, and neither the Heat nor Celtics would be pushovers in the Finals.


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