Which team will win the AFC South? Will Andrew Luck live up to No. 1 draft pick expectations? Can the Texans stars Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson stay healthy? Tune in to "SportsCenter Special: AFC South Preview" (7 p.m. ET, ESPN2) on Tuesday, June 5, for answers from ESPN's NFL experts and cast your votes in the polls below.

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Who will win the division?

The Texans won their first division title last season. Are they primed for a repeat in 2012 or can one of the division's other teams step up?


New sheriff in town

The Colts sent Peyton Manning packing and took Andrew Luck No. 1 overall, hoping he can be their next great franchise QB.


Big numbers from small back

Maurice Jones-Drew has been a consistent performer for the Jaguars, topping 1,300 yards in each of the last three seasons.


MASH unit in Houston

Matt Schaub missed six games, plus the playoffs, last season, while Andre Johnson played in only seven, a career low.


Return to form for CJ2K?

Chris "CJ2K" Johnson was barely CJ1K last season, finishing with a career-low 1,047 rushing yards and four touchdowns.


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