This spring, the NFL continues to solidify itself as the New York City of professional sports -- The League That Never Sleeps. The offseason news rains in constantly, with this week's hot topic being the continued contract drama of Drew Brees. Of course our experts weighed in. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Brandon (Arkansas)

Just curious why everyone is so adamant that you give Brees a blank check? I'm a diehard fan and love Brees. ... If we invest over 1/6th of our available funds on one player for the next 5-6 years, what kind of team are you going to be able to surround him with?

Pat Yasinskas, NFL blogger
Pat Yasinskas

Valid point. They have to be very careful how they structure that deal, especially for future years. If they don't do it right, they'll end up losing a lot more than they did this offseason when they let Nicks, Porter and Meachem walk. Full transcript

Kevin (Chicago)

Andrew, how do you think this Drew Brees situation unfolds? Seems like a lot of posturing right now.

Andrew Brandt, NFL business analyst
Andrew Brandt

This is the most intriguing negotiation in the NFL and has been, in my mind, for over a year. I really expected this deal to come down over a year ago, around the time that Tom Brady got his deal done. And, if not, then around the time that Peyton Manning got his deal done with the Colts. And if not then, around the time Michael Vick got his deal down with the Eagles. My feeling is the two Manning contracts may be at issue. The one with the Colts averages $18 million over 5 but 23 million over 3. The Manning contract just done in March averages about 19 million over 5, but it was done for a player that didn't play in 2011. So there are issues. My sense is the Saints are somewhere between 18-19 million and the Brees camp is between 19-20 million. It doesn't sound like a big difference, but apparently it is. In the NFL, deadlines spur action, and in this case training camp is the deadline. I think there will be a deal done by then. Full transcript

Possum (in a hole)

Bill, I have heard rumblings that KC should go after Brees in his contract situation in NO keeps getting worse. Odds that this happens in your opinion?

Bill Williamson, NFL blogger
Bill Williamson

This year? The Saints won't do it. Full transcript

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