As each game passes in the NBA playoffs, everything gets more and more interesting. This week, we saw the Oklahoma City Thunder take the torch from the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat get a gut check to force a Game 7 against the Boston Celtics. Of course we had to get our experts to weigh in on what they saw on the court. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

ralphredimix (Seattle)

Mike have you ever seen a three-time MVP pass it so much in the 4th quarter when he had an option to shoot or dribble?

Michael Wallace, NBA blogger
Michael Wallace

I get your point. But I also saw LeBron hit a clutch 3-pointer that put Miami in position to take it to overtime. I do think he does too much surveying the landscape after he catches the ball with immediate matchup advantages in his favor. But that's his game. Not sure he's going to change that part of it. Full transcript

Sean (DC)

Does Erik Spoelstra have any offensive game plan, or does he just let Wade and Lebron do their thing and hope for the best?

Michael Wilbon, NBA Countdown host
Michael Wilbon

Aren't we all wondering that? It's one thing for us to wonder, but watching the game with Magic Johnson and see him shaking his head at the ineptitude brings it home. I never seem to hear an answer that makes sense. "Clear out" seems to be all that they do. It can't be designed that way, and Wade and LeBron are too talented, too intelligent to just stand around and thing that's the way to win a championship. Until Miami gets this worked out, I can't see them beating OKC or the Spurs. They might beat Boston, but not the Western Conference winner. No way I can see that. Full transcript

Luis (Miami)

What's keeping Miami from playing like they did when they were shredding everyone by 10+ in victories earlier in the year?

John Hollinger, NBA Insider
John Hollinger

Beside the fact that Chris Bosh isn't playing, and the level of the competition has improved dramatically? I don't think taking a team's best stretch of the season is a realistic assessment of what their "normal" should look like. Full transcript

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