The Thunder have proved themselves prone to falling into big holes in these Finals, but they've also shown that they can climb right back out -- if the calls are going their way. Kevin Durant's game-tying attempt late in the fourth quarter fell short, with many feeling that LeBron James committed a foul that was never called. Regardless, the Finals are tied 1-1, and the Thunder may want to take this as a lesson that going down 18-2 in the first quarter is not a winning strategy.

Was it a foul?

LeBron James might have gotten away with a non-call in the closing seconds, but it wasn't clear-cut.


Is LeBron clutch?

It's beginning to look as if LeBron James will be thought of as clutch only if he wins Game 7 on a last-second full-court heave that somehow deflects an asteroid headed for Earth.


Other MVPs?

Shane Battier has been deadly from beyond the arc in these playoffs, while Chris Bosh was a defensive stalwart in Game 2.


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