With the NBA Finals tipping off, we wanted to get some expert opinions on how this series would play out. So, we called on some hall of fame members and former champions to share their thoughts on how the Miami Heat-Oklahoma City Thunder games will shape up. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Don (Chicago)

How would playing with James and Wade have been compared to playing with Jordan and Pippen? To me they don't compare with the intensity on a game by game basis.

Horace Grant, 4-time NBA champion
Horace Grant

Playing with MJ and Pip, it's like playing with no others. Not taking anything away from Shaq and Penny, Shaq and Kobe, Gary and Karl. It's just something about being there in Chicago. Michael was there before Scottie and I. We wanted to get the best out of each other. With LeBron and Dwyane, I don't think either one is as vocal as Michael or Scottie. They have to definitely make their teammates accountable. Knowing they're in the Finals, I think they have to be more vocal. Full transcript

Nick (Oz)

How many superstar scorers do you think could thrive next to a point like Westbrook? Durant's ability to take over a game without needing to dominate the ball is incredible.

Clyde Drexler, Hall of Fame Class of 2004
Clyde Drexler

I think Westbrook is a top three point guard in the game, probably a bigger piece to the puzzle than Durant is. I think he's phenomenal, highly underrated and just a great overall guard. Full transcript

Kevin (Miami)

Just how much of a grind is an NBA Finals - 7 games against the same team after already having played a long playoff season as well as 82 regular season games?

Rick Barry, Hall of Fame Class of 1987
Rick Barry

It's actually like a vacation, because you don't have to do extensive travel. You don't have back to back games. Your focus is on one team only. Full transcript

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