We so love the knuckleball. It's simultaneously the dumbest and smartest pitch in baseball -- you've got no idea where it will go when you release it, and it's practically impossible to teach, but it changes the whole game from baseball to kind of a weird hybrid of slow-pitch softball and misery. R.A. Dickey took a while to master his knuckler, but it has paid dividends this season, as he threw his second one-hitter in a row Monday night against the Orioles. Dickey leads all of baseball in wins, ERA and strikeouts, which is totally insane and also really awesome. Has he made himself into a perennial ace, or is this just a temporary run of dominance?

A new ace?

You don't usually come into your own as a pitcher in your mid-30s, but Dickey has had a 2.86 ERA since his age-35 season.


Difficult feat?

Only 22 men have thrown a perfect game in baseball history, but only 10 have thrown consecutive one-hitters. It's a bit of a fluky accomplishment but still incredibly rare.


Are the Mets for real?

The Mets have been a bit of a joke the past few years, but they've had their share of stellar performances this season.


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