To celebrate the release of NCAA Football 13 this week, we were talking college football, especially college football rivalries. We caught up with some current NFL players and asked them to reminisce about their college glory days and their big rivalries while in school. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Kevin (TX)

So what's your favorite memory of those OSU-Michigan games?

David Harris, New York Jets LB, former Michigan Wolverine
David Harris

My favorite would have to be Thursday night before my senior season in '06. That night Coach Schembechler came in and gave us a speech. When he comes into the room, it's like meeting Don Corleone or something. Everyone straightens up and there's no fooling around. Then, later that weekend, Coach Carr came in teary eyed and we didn't know what was going on and he said we lost Coach Schembechler. He was a living legend. That was probably the biggest thing that stuck out to me in the rivalry. Full transcript

Greg (VA)

What was your best memory of your Georgia games against Florida?

Benjamin Watson, Cleveland Browns TE, former Georgia Bulldog
Benjamin Watson

I never won against Florida, so my best one was probably coming into the stadium and seeing all the fans tailgating and then running out and seeing the stadium split down the middle with fans of both teams. The build up to the game was great. I wish I could say something about great victories, but I can't. Full transcript

Mario (Norwalk, CA) [via mobile]

What college team u hated the most?

Matt Leinart, Oakland Raiders QB, former USC Trojan
Matt Leinart

I think we hated UCLA more than Notre Dame, the crosstown rivalry. Notre Dame was a bigger rivalry because it went back so many years. For me, whatever team we played we played, but it gave us more focus. Full transcript

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