If the Knicks stick to their current plans, it looks like Jeremy Lin will be a Rocket next season. New York doesn't seem to be willing to match Houston's $25.1 million offer to Lin, as they believe the price tag is far too high for the still-inexperienced Lin. Raymond Felton might be the Knicks' answer at point guard, but should the Knicks really let Lin walk?

Should the Knicks keep Lin?

Jeremy Lin energized the Knicks to an extreme degree last season, but could the Rockets' offer be just too much for New York to match?


Lin or Felton?

Raymond Felton doesn't bring the buzz that Jeremy Lin does, but with Jason Kidd, he could be a more cost-efficient solution for the Knicks.


Anthony's opinion?

"It's not up to me. It's up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract." -- Carmelo Anthony


Lin by year three?

We only saw a short glimpse of Lin's talent in 2011, but by the end of his contract, either with the Knicks or Rockets, we'll have a much better idea of what kind of player he is.


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