The Ozzie Guillen era in Miami hasn't started off ideally, with the Marlins forced into one of their twice-a-decade talent fire sales. Hanley Ramirez is just the latest star to be traded, as he was sent off to the Dodgers in a four-player trade Wednesday morning. Ramirez's production hasn't quite lived up to his big contract this season, but for an offense-strapped team like the Dodgers, he could be just what's needed.

Is Hanley elite?

Hanley Ramirez has fallen out of the "best player in baseball" discussion, but he could experience a rebirth in Los Angeles.


Are the Dodgers contenders?

The Dodgers are 2½ games behind the Giants for the NL West lead, and are doing so with an offense that is heavily reliant on Matt Kemp.


Ethier or Ramirez?

Speaking of Kemp, he's the only current Dodgers regular with an OPS above .850 -- only Andre even comes close.


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