Unlike last season, the NBA will tip off Oct. 30. That's almost an extra quarter of the season compared to last year, although the league seemed to be no less exciting with an abbreviated schedule. There's a lot of drama even in the opening weeks of the 2012-13 season -- playoff rematches, players coming back to iconic teams and so on. We're just glad the whole thing is starting on time.

Best opening game?

The new-look Nets will take on the Knicks in the first week of the season, a matchup that could signal a changing of the guard in New York.


Biggest homecoming?

Celtics, Suns and Knicks fans won't have much time to process the new uniforms of Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin.


Most improved?

The number of big-time players changing teams this offseason has been, if not unprecedented, certainly impactful.


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