We've been feeling kind of bad for Terrell Owens as of late -- he obviously wanted to get back to the NFL and sounded awfully down about the whole thing. He'll likely get his second (or third, or fourth) chance soon, as he has agreed to a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. T.O. joins a team that rarely has been known for its passing acumen, but likely starter Matt Flynn could be just what the Seahawks need to make it work with Owens. Will Seattle regret this signing, or is Owens the answer?

Can Owens behave?

Terrell Owens never has been known as a particularly tactful person, but it could be back to arena football for him if he becomes a significant distraction in Seattle.


Better than 2010?

Owens' 2010-11 season was relatively productive, if a bit off his typical level of performance.



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