Now that the countdown to Week 1 of the college football season is underway, and we're less than one week away from kickoff, we can actually start breaking down the matchups we'll see next weekend. What better place to start than the defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide and their game against Michigan? We asked our experts to weigh in. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Tommy (Corner, AL)

How do you think Michigan's losses on the D-line will hold up against what some say might be the best O-line in the country?

Chantel Jennings, WolverineNation reporter
Chantel Jennings

Brady Hoke prides himself on the defensive line, he admits that sometimes he pays a little too much attention to them. So I doubt he'd ever go into a game with a group that doesn't play well together. That being said, Alabama is going to be quite the test right out of the gates. Overall, I think they'll be serviceable. I don't think they'll be stellar nor do I think they'll be the highlight of the team, but I think Hoke will map out a plan for them that will be something they can accomplish as a unit. Full transcript

Tom (Texas)

What would have to happen for Michigan to beat Alabama?

Alex Scarborough, TideNation reporter
Alex Scarborough

Denard Robinson would have to break containment -- a lot -- and AJ McCarron would have to throw two or three interceptions. The Michigan offense would have to find a way to catch the Alabama defense unprepared, and given the fact that Saban has had all offseason to get ready, I don't expect that to happen.It's not out of the realm of possibility that Michigan can pull the upset, but I don't think the Wolverines are capable of winning the line of scrimmage on either side of the football, so if they can't do that they'll have to hope for a lot of broken plays for Alabama. Full transcript

Bama Fan (Denver)

Ivan, I am really nervous about the Michigan game. I have read how the Bama offensive and defensive lines should dominate the game - but I remain concerned. Tell me that I am worried for nothing (or not!).

Ivan Maisel, college football writer
Ivan Maisel

I was surprised that Alabama started out as a 12-point favorite. Stunned, really. But Alabama does have an advantage at the line of scrimmage, on both sides. It will be great fun to see how much Denard Robinson can get done when plays break down, and to see what Nick Saban and Kirby Smart scheme to try to slow him down. I expect big things from Robinson this year. Full transcript

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