The NFL is here! The NFL is here! It's like Christmas in September for football fans. Now that the season will actually start with real games, we had our experts weigh-in on what we'll see on the field this year and what's going to happen with all of the off-the-field offseason stories. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Ken (Montreal)

I see a big problem with people already making the Patriots the AFC East champions with that horrible OL. What do you think?

Chris Mortensen, NFL reporter
Chris Mortensen

Ken, I have had my doubts on Patriots with the O-line but Bill Belichick and O-line coach Daunte Scarnecchia are usually pretty adept at figuring out a way. If they don't, Tom Brady will be negatively impacted. But the Patriots defense will be better, they have too many weapons on offense and a friendly schedule not to win the AFC East. Full transcript

Anthony (TX)

Do you think the NFL secretly hopes that the start of the season will make some of these issues go away?

Andrew Brandt, NFL business analyst
Andrew Brandt

I think that's correct. These issues are going to linger, but hopefully the games will put them in the background. The issue of the Saints bounties and a judge potentially intervening in Goodell discipline and the lingering issue of 3,000 plaintiffs suing the NFL regarding concussions are big, big issues for the NFL. However, now that we're going to have 15-16 games per week to talk about, those issues will move to the background. And only people like me will spend a lot of time tracking them. So, yes the NFL season can not come soon enough for NFL executives. Full transcript

Rich (New Jersey)

Hi Jim, with five rookie quarterbacks starting 2012 season what advice would you give them?

Jim Kelly, Pro Football Hall of Famer
Jim Kelly

I can't believe it. It tells me that some teams are very desperate for QBs. The advice: don't try to be the college hero that you were, take what the defense gives you. Full transcript

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