With nearly 106 million fans watching the NFL during Week 1, and NFL games ranking first in 55 of Nielsen's 56 metered markets, it's safe to say that America is excited to have the NFL back. And, while we have our experts stopping by to break down the X's and O's of the games, we also have them answering your questions on the off-the-field issues as well. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Larry (Boston)

How come the players didn't meet before when Goodell offered to meet?

Andrew Brandt, NFL business analyst
Andrew Brandt

I think they know, even with the appeals ruling, their chance for reduced suspensions can only be helped by meeting with Goodell. They know that meeting with Goodell will give him an opportunity to phrase the discipline the way the panel suggested, with, hopefully new information, that Goodell has not heard before. One final note, the backdrop is perhaps settlement discussions. I know both sides are against settling, but to me the fact that they're so against it may mean they'll do it. Stay tuned. Full transcript

Mike (NYC)

With the replacement refs being so terrible, do you see the players, specifically the defensive players, trying to get away with more on the field, such as holding, pass interference, etc?

Chris Mortensen, NFL reporter
Chris Mortensen

No question we're seeing a lot of that. The replacement officials did call a lot of interference and defensive holding week 1 but I saw a bunch that weren't called, suggesting the players are clearly going to test them. It is by consensus the toughest judgment call in football. Full transcript

Smitty (Marblehead, MA)

Welker was close to non existent. Do you think this could have been a scheme to open the offense for him more in weeks to come, or was it a case of him just not getting open?

Tedy Bruschi, NFL analyst
Tedy Bruschi

Let's remember, Smitty, this is a game-plan team and things will change from week to week based on what defenses they see. Part of this week's game-plan was to re-establish a physical ground game. They did that, but the effects of that will be less opportunities for receivers. As you get less balls thrown to you, you have to catch them. Wes can't let balls bounce off his facemask. He knows that. Full transcript

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