Jon "Bones" Jones, champion of UFC's light heavyweight division, took flak for not accepting a fight against Chael Sonnen in UFC 151. He's dealt with it and moved on and is ready for his fight with Vitor Belfort in UFC 152 on Saturday. But while Jones has moved on, that doesn't mean us MMA fans have just yet, and when presented with the chance to ask our experts and Jones himself about 151, we took advantage this week. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Cody (Madison, WI)

It upset me Jon Jones took flack from Dana White and others for not stepping up to fight Sonnen, what did Jones have to gain by fighting a guy who just lost and is moving up a weight class?

Josh Gross, MMA writer
Josh Gross

I'm with you. Jones got a raw deal. The only advantage to fighting Sonnen would have been to put him away now so you don't have to hear him talking later. It was a rough spot for Bones but I think he made the right call. The sort of call you'd expect from any athlete, and maybe that's why it upset people so. They've come to expect MMA fighters, especially those in the UFC, to risk life and limb and not operate in their best interest. Good for Jones. Full transcript

Rick (Kansas)

It seemed Anderson Silva tried to show you up by letting the public know that he would have taken the 151 fight. Does this change your feelings about a future fight at all?

Jon "Bones" Jones, UFC light heavyweight champion
Jon Jones

It's easy to say what you would have done when you're not the guy sitting in the seat. Full transcript

Rudy (Texas)

How do you feel about the timing of the meeting with Dana White and Jon Jones, since it's right before the weigh-ins? How do you see that meeting going?

Chuck Mindenhall, MMA writer
Chuck Mindenhall

Questionable for sure. Will be worse if Dana's eating a cheeseburger during the meeting. I am not sure why the timing of the meeting, but things seem a little unsettled between White and Jones. If Jones plows through Vitor, and it's a good night of fights, this thing will begin to blow away. Full transcript

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