The NBA officially adopted an anti-flopping policy Wednesday, announcing a new rule that will fine repeat offenders this season. Players who are caught flopping on video review will get one warning, then have to start writing checks to the league for each flop, starting at $5,000 and going all the way up to $30,000 -- and possibly more for players who run afoul of the system more than five times. "Flops have no place in our game," Stu Jackson, the NBA's executive vice president of basketball operations, said in a written statement. Will this new system help?

Cash For Fool's Gold?

The NBA hopes scenes like these will become less common, as players will have financial incentive to avoid fabricating fouls.


Stop The Flop

The NBA's after-the-fact fines are designed to deter flopping. But are the in-game benefits of drawing a foul still too great?


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