As we get set to dress up as ghosts and goblins and turn the calendar on October, our attention is squarely on the World Series. Broadcasters, writers and former MLB players analyzed and chatted up the Fall Classic all week long. We will see what kind of drama this year's edition brings forth. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Erick (St. Louis)

How often do fans ask you about your 1991 Game 7 World Series win?

Jack Morris, 4-time World Series champion
Jack Morris

I'm reminded by it quite often, because I still live in Minnesota and people are always asking me about it. I was in Detroit and I will be for the World Series, and they remember our fond years in 1984. It's flattering that those people shared themselves the same memories. Full transcript

Tommy (Chicago)

Based on ball parks, which team wins?

Joe Buck, FOX MLB broadcaster
Joe Buck

There is no ballpark like San Francisco's. I've said this on broadcasts before, the worse your ticket is, the better your view. The players don't understand how pretty this place is. From where I sit, I'm looking at tankers, the beautiful bay. We've got camera shots of the city. This place trumps all in terms of beauty. Full transcript

David (Detroit)

Jerry, with the World Series almost here do you think it's harder for an AL team to adapt to NL rules or the other way around?

Jerry Crasnick, MLB writer
Jerry Crasnick

David, as a rule, I think it's tougher for the AL team either losing its DH or having to play a defensively-challenged offensive piece in the NL park. It certainly makes for an interesting storyline for a couple of days. Full transcript

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