The Lakers firing coach Mike Brown just five games into the season capped the busy first full week of the NBA season. While the Twitterverse was aflutter over the Lakers' move, our chatters stopped by to give their thoughts on the other big stories from the first couple of weeks of the season. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

John (Brooklyn)

John, in the past you have been bery critical of the Knicks. What is your take this year on their depth, and do you consider them contenders?

John Hollinger, NBA Insider
John Hollinger

Very impressed with their start thus far, and think Amare's injury was a huge blessing in disguise -- especially if they don't stubbornly insist on starting him once he returns. Melo has always put up huge numbers as a 4, they should have been doing this all along. There's no way Kidd keeps playing this well, but Felton has been surprisingly effective. Full transcript

Rob (San Antonio)

Bigger first-week story long term: Lakers' age (Nash injured) or Harden trade?

Mike Wilbon, ESPN NBA Countdown host
Mike Wilbon

Harden trade. Great question, by the way. Nash is out one week and we already knew the Lakers would be old, not as old as the Knicks, but old. So, there's no news there, and the Lakers will gradually, incrementally get to the point most of us expect. But Harden, seriously, this is amazing. To go 37 and then 45 is unreal. The thing people have to remember is Harden, in addition to being a huge scorer, was OKC's best passer. Yes, I said best. I gotta check to see how many times in his career Russell Westbrook has had 12 assts in a game. I know it's a few, but I'm guessing not many. Anyway, Harden might be better as a leading man than he was as a supporting actor, and if that's the case, Houston comes into play in the Western Conference. I'd say it's a pretty good long-term story. Full transcript

Jim (OKC)

In my opinion, the Thunders' hopes will hinge on Russell Westbrook's ability to develop as a playmaker and decision maker, since we all know what Durant can do. Agree?

Chad Ford, NBA Insider
Chad Ford

Probably right. They miss Harden. Westbrook and Durant are both alpha-males on the team and now there isn't anyone to mediate between them and make them both happy. Of the two, Westbrook is the one that needs to change. Not sure he can. I love his game, it's just not a great fit with Durant's. Still a little surprised that the Thunder didn't trade Westbrook instead of Harden -- had the Rockets held onto Kyle Lowry, they might have done that deal instead. Full transcript

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