With signs pointing to "yes" for Phil Jackson's return for a third stint as coach of the Lakers, the focus turns to how L.A. would fare with the Zen Master on the bench. Do the Lakers have the personnel to run the triangle offense Jackson prefers? And how would he address the team's defensive performance and lack of roster depth?

  • nlhender: "Phil will be back... 4 all- stars and a return to good health for both him and #24... This is how Kobe wants to leave the league and Phil sure as hell wasn't going out losing to a fluke team (Looking at you Mavericks)."
  • secrulespigskin: "Does hiring Phil give the Lakers are more athletic bench? Nope. Does hiring Phil make Steve Nash a championship caliber defensive PG? Nope. (Steve's never won anything.) PJ is the best coach ever for a loaded team, but the Lakers have serious roster issues beyond the core 4. Athleticism wins in the league now."
  • Je5teR777: "This team is built for D'Antoni's high octane style of play, that's the only way they could possibly beat Miami, The triangle is okay, but its a waste of Nash's talents. The triangle wont beat Miami either."
  • JPBene77: "Outside of Odom, how good was the bench when they won in 2009 and 2010? Answer: Not very. Stop the stupidity. Winning it all has everything to do with having your team work together towards one goal. No coach better in history than Phil Jackson at doing that. Think, it's novel."
  • smoothcriminalXD: " There is no better coach in Sports history at managing egos...say what you want about Phil Jackson but I think we can all agree to that"

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