And then there were none. The Saints beat the Falcons Sunday, 31-27, handing Atlanta its first loss of the season. The Falcons had been the NFL's last unbeaten team, and earlier this week Roddy White said it wasn't crazy to think Atlanta could go undefeated. Now that talk is over. But are the Falcons still the best team in the NFC? Were they even in that position before the loss?

  • Joshua43786: "Roddy White, this loss is on you. Not running out that pass at the end. Just keep your mouth shut "
  • charmyland24: "Gotta say the Saints took a lot of pressure off of us. Big win for New Orleans. We don't have to worry about undefeated talk anymore, though, thankfully."
  • Murray1025783: "the falcons are who we thought they were, overrated!!!"
  • outlawjoseywhales1981: "Once again the Falcons prove that they're pretenders. All they've done all year is beat crappy teams and now that they face a team that is hot.... THEY LOSE."
  • young calhoun: "Falcons still have the NFC south under control. Saints likely will not go to the playoffs

    enjoy the win saints fans"
  • Deejay612: "I can say good game Saints. It was a good game and well played today. Wasn't a blow out. Was a tight game for most of it.. and we had a chance there at the end. We still got a strong record and in position to go to the playoffs. Hopefully we'll deliver in the post season. One loss isn't the end of the world."

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