Phil Jackson looked to be all set to take the Lakers' head-coaching job, but he received a bit of a shock after the team decided to go with Mike D'Antoni instead. D'Antoni has gotten good results out of Steve Nash before, but he's also never won a championship, while Jackson has a pedigree that's the envy of nearly every coach in history. The Triangle offense might not have been a great fit in Los Angeles this time around, but will D'Antoni's fast-paced approach make the Lakers into contenders?

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Are you shocked?

D'Antoni (pictured here during his Suns tenure) has an impressive résumé, but Jackson's hiring seemed to be all but a sure thing.


How surprised are you that the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson?


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Will Jackson stay retired?

Phil Jackson probably would have to be presented with a unique and stable coaching situation for him to return to the bench.


Will Phil Jackson ever coach again in the NBA?


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